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#CatTravels: Hello, New York!

By On April 18, 2013

The last time I was in New York City was 12 years ago. I was a graduate student at Northwestern University in Chicago and my friend and I decided to take a… Read More


FUUD: Murphy’s Bar & Grill

By On July 15, 2011

One of my favorite things about working in downtown was the bounty of lunch options. Whatever you’re craving — pho, ahi poke, tomato bisque, carne asada burritos, crepes, vegetarian spanakopita — you can find… Read More


Cat Chat 14: Coffee geeks

By On February 9, 2011

A new microbrew coffee house in downtown Honolulu is serving 'real deal' coffees… Read More


Need an adventure? Catch the bus

By On February 3, 2011

It's the most interesting $2 you'll ever spend… Read More


FUUD: Downtown eats

By On January 14, 2011

Where downtown foodies like to eat… Read More