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#CatTravels: My favorite Neighbor Island omiyage

By On July 30, 2015

Omiyage. It’s a custom I grew up with. While it’s rooted in Japanese culture — omiyage are souvenirs you bring back home from a trip that you give to others — just about… Read More


5 reasons why I love Christmas

By On December 24, 2014

Look, I get it. Christmas isn’t for everyone. We’re stressed, we’re cranky, we’re broke — and we’re driving like maniacs. Who in their right mind would want to stand in line at uncomfortably… Read More


What NOT to do on Valentine’s Day

By On February 14, 2013

Look, Valentine’s Day isn’t complicated. You get your partner a thoughtful gift, a sweet card and share a meal somewhere. (Even picnics on the back porch can be romantic.) But somehow people… Read More


#Dish5: V-Day gifts she’ll really like

By On February 6, 2013

Most of the women I know need two things: a well-rounded meal and a foot massage. To me, that’s a perfect Valentine’s Day gift right there. I’d be happy with just that.… Read More


Re-gifting: do or don’t?

By On December 27, 2012

Yesterday I posed the question to my Facebook friends: OK, let’s be honest, is re-gifting not cool or a form of recycling? And the vast majority of people who responded said yes… Read More