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What would you ask your grandparents?

By On May 28, 2013

Yesterday I visited the graves of my grandparents — my dad’s parents — in Nuuanu. My Grandma Ann died on Girls’ Day in 2002 in Hilo. My grandfather died in 1949; I never… Read More

Happy Shots

Today’s Happy Shot

By On May 27, 2013

I sat in the rain in Nuuanu at the graves of my grandparents and wondered what life would be like if they were still here. It’s probably something a lot of think… Read More


GlamMa is the new grandma?

By On May 26, 2011

I thought being called “aunty” was tough. Then I read an article in the New York Times earlier this month about baby boomers who don’t want to be called grandparents. “This generation… Read More