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#CatResolves: This year, I’m keeping it simple

By On December 29, 2015

Every year around New Year’s, without fail, I’ve come up with a laundry list of changes I want to make in the coming year. It ranges from the super easy — “Floss!” — to… Read More


10 Things I Love About Christmas

By On December 23, 2013

It would be easy this year to say, “Bah, humbug,” about Christmas. Traffic has never been worse. There’s been crazy weather around the country. The malls are a mess. Not to mention… Read More


#Dish5: V-Day gifts she’ll really like

By On February 6, 2013

Most of the women I know need two things: a well-rounded meal and a foot massage. To me, that’s a perfect Valentine’s Day gift right there. I’d be happy with just that.… Read More


Re-gifting: do or don’t?

By On December 27, 2012

Yesterday I posed the question to my Facebook friends: OK, let’s be honest, is re-gifting not cool or a form of recycling? And the vast majority of people who responded said yes… Read More


I (heart) Christmas Eve

By On December 24, 2012

Today’s my favorite day of the year. Christmas Eve, the day before Christmas. It’s full of anticipation, the presents are still wrapped, and you haven’t yet gorged on the five meals you’re… Read More