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Natto? Not me!

By On April 5, 2013

My mom grew up in Kona eating natto sandwiches. Yes, natto between two slices of white bread. And that’s why, to this day, she refuses to eat the slimy, smelly fermented soybeans.… Read More


FUUD: Restaurant Wada on Kapahulu

By On October 12, 2012

It started with a simple request. Japanese food. So my girlfriend and I drove around town, looking for a Japanese restaurant that was 1) open, 2) had parking and 3) at least… Read More


The weirdest thing you ever ate — and liked

By On February 22, 2012

The other night we went to Tokkuri Tei, one of my favorite izakayas (Japanese taverns) on Kapahulu Avenue. I hadn’t been to its new location at the Hee Hing Plaza, and I… Read More