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#FUUD: Agu Ramen in Moiliili

By On November 15, 2013

I’m obsessed with ramen. I could literally eat a bowl of hot noodles every week. And if I find a great ramen shop (that’s convenient and has parking) like Kiwami Ramen on… Read More


#CatTravels: Back to Fukuoka

By On September 6, 2013

I’m back! But this time I’m with my dear friend Racie Botehlo, who has never been here before. So it will be like traveling to this part of Japan through the eyes… Read More


#FindingFukuoka: Getting my ramen fix

By On March 27, 2012

Food. It’s the best part of traveling. It’s how you really get to know a new place, a new culture. You sample its culinary offerings, find out where the locals eat, and… Read More