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My tribute to Hawai‘i Volcanoes National Park

By On June 17, 2016

I was eight years old when lava fountains from Kīlauea Volcano began building a cinder and spatter cone hundreds of feet high, spewing thick, chunky lava that later wiped out the towns… Read More


#CatTravels: Planting koa trees in Honokaa

By On February 26, 2014

The coolest part about my job is getting to travel to interesting places to do interesting things. That was basically my assignment for this trip to the Big Island. I was going… Read More


#CatTravels: A weekend in Volcano

By On February 25, 2014

Even though I travel to the Big Island fairly often — oh, about three times a year — I rarely make it to Volcano, the sleepy little village that borders Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.… Read More


#CatTravels: Big Island bound

By On February 21, 2014

I told myself last year that I wasn’t going to travel as much in 2014. It was taking me away from my work, I was missing too many dinners and weddings, and… Read More


'Spiritual' lessons we've learned

By On November 15, 2010

Don't whistle at night — and other superstitions we're taught growing up in Hawaii… Read More