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#CatChat: Black Friday at Eden In Love

By On November 26, 2013

I may not be a fanatic shopper. But I love me a deal. And the deals at Eden In Love Boutique at Ward Warehouse — where I often shop, I confess — is worth… Read More


What’s happened to Christmas?

By On December 14, 2011

What does it tell you when a woman shopping at Walmart on Black Friday sprays fellow shoppers with pepper spray — then wants to sue the national retailer for not providing enough… Read More


Sales bring out the beast

By On December 4, 2010

What makes us behave so animal-like when it comes to something as simple as shopping?… Read More


Survived Black Friday?

By On November 26, 2010

I'm not a fan of shopping on Black Friday. So why am I contemplating which malls to hit in a few hours?… Read More


Cat Chat episode 2: Black Friday strategies

By On November 17, 2010

In the latest segment of my new Internet talk show, we're dishing about Black Friday — and how to make the most of your trip to the mall… Read More