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#GreatDebate: Costco vs. Sam’s Club

By On February 19, 2014

I’m one of those few — and slightly crazy — people who have membership at both Sam’s Club and Costco. I’ve had my Costco card for years, back when I dated someone who could… Read More


#GreatDebate: Who’s got the best fried chicken?

By On October 4, 2013

The other day a few of us were talking about KFC, the fast-food chain that specialized in fried chicken. We noticed that many of the local restaurants, operated by Kazi Foods, were… Read More


#GreatDebate: To tip or not to tip

By On May 29, 2013

Last night I was writing a blog post for about tipping etiquette on Oahu. And it got me thinking about our tipping culture in general. There’s really no difference in the… Read More


Great Debate: Should anonymous comments be banned?

By On March 6, 2013

On yesterday’s “Today Show” the regular panel of professionals tackled a question that hits home for me. The question: “Should anonymous comments on websites and blogs be banned?” This is something we… Read More


Great Debate: Artificial legs unfair advantage?

By On August 7, 2012

When South African sprint runner Oscar Pistorius qualified for the London 2012 Olympics, this debate had already started. The 25-year-old double amputee — known around the world as Blade Runner — finished an impressive… Read More