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You tell me: your last meal

By On August 16, 2011

Maybe this is a bit morbid for a morning blog — but you can’t deny how provocative it is, even for a Tuesday. A while back, the Nonstop Honolulu team had a discussion… Read More


FUUD: Big Kahuna Pizza near the airport

By On May 20, 2011

Hawaii has better pizza than most people realize. There’s the handcrafted pies from JJ Dolan’s in Chinatown, the kiawe wood-fired pizzas from V Lounge near Ala Moana Center and the wood-fire specialities… Read More


FUUD with foodies at Side Street Inn

By On March 18, 2011

See what you get when you put a bunch of foodies and journalists in the same room… Read More


Cat Chat episode 10: Got mochi?

By On January 12, 2011

Resident foodie Mari Taketa shares her tips for leftover mochi… Read More