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Why I went back to the Gridiron Show

By On August 31, 2015

Back in July, I ran into Roslyn Catracchia, director of worship and performing arts at a local church who happens to be Portuguese and Hungarian, just like me. (That combo is a… Read More


Dogs earned MPV honors for Super Bowl ads

By On February 6, 2012

Don’t get me wrong, I love football. But I’m not always that interested in the matchup for Super Bowl. And like some of the more than 100 million people who tuned in… Read More


Relationship status: ‘It’s complicated’

By On October 10, 2011

The first thing on my girlfriend’s list of things to do once she got married? Change her Facebook status. And I don’t mean after her honeymoon. She updated her status as soon… Read More


Honolulu Hidden Treasures Food Tour

By On October 2, 2011

It’s hard enough taking around out-of-towners to my favorite local eateries. Imagine taking food writers and editors. That was my assignment this weekend — a gig with the Oahu Visitors Bureau to… Read More


New TV shows worth watching

By On September 12, 2011

It’s not every fall I’m excited about the new lineup on TV. But I have to say, I’m pretty stoked about a few, particularly NBC’s “Up All Night,” premiering Wednesday. Not only… Read More