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#FUUD: Dagon in Moiliili

By On December 6, 2013

I have a group of friends who primarily — if not exclusively — eat at restaurants with a BYOB policy. And they don’t care that much about the food, either. But one of the… Read More


#FUUD: Agu Ramen in Moiliili

By On November 15, 2013

I’m obsessed with ramen. I could literally eat a bowl of hot noodles every week. And if I find a great ramen shop (that’s convenient and has parking) like Kiwami Ramen on… Read More


#CatChat: Manju and Moiliili Fest

By On June 21, 2013

When I heard that the reverend at the Moiliili Hongwanji Mission makes his own manju, I had to meet him. Turns out, there’s a lot more to Rev. Earl Ikeda than manju!… Read More


FUUD: Da Spot in Moiliili

By On May 31, 2013

For years, I would pass a little restaurant on Pumehana Street in McCully and promise myself to eat there one day. Then it was gone. Good thing for me, the restaurant reopened… Read More


FUUD: Opulicious Restaurant in Moiliili

By On January 6, 2012

I was really sad when HK Restaurant closed in September after more than 30 years. No more teri hamburgers, fried noodles or its popular Yum Yum Chicken. HK’s was one of my… Read More