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New Year’s resolutions


#CatResolves: This year, I’m keeping it simple

By On December 29, 2015

Every year around New Year’s, without fail, I’ve come up with a laundry list of changes I want to make in the coming year. It ranges from the super easy — “Floss!” — to… Read More


New Year’s resolutions I won’t make again

By On January 15, 2013

Every December I start to think of resolutions for the new year. And I seem to make the same ones. It’s my overly critical attitude toward myself — blame my Catholic upbringing — that… Read More


My ‘reachable’ New Year’s resolutions

By On December 31, 2012

It’s 6 a.m. on New Year’s Eve and I’m already trying to make good on one of my resolutions for 2013: Work on my blog. And it’s actually not just about blogging… Read More