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What I learned turning 39

By On March 28, 2014

I had it all planned out. My birthday happened to fall on a Thursday when I had no plans. None. I couldn’t believe my luck! So I decided to actually spend a… Read More


5 Qs with ‘Top Chef’ Lee Anne Wong

By On January 16, 2014

I first met Lee Anne Wong (@leeannewong) about two years ago when she was in town shooting a segment of “Unique Eats” for the Cooking Channel. She was sampling the plate lunches… Read More


FUUD: Breakfast at Nico’s Pier 38

By On November 22, 2013

Our gang meets up for breakfast almost every morning. And it’s almost exclusively at Rainbow Drive-In. (Hence why I post so many photos from there.) We eat there for three reasons: food… Read More


#GreatDebate: Who’s got the best fried chicken?

By On October 4, 2013

The other day a few of us were talking about KFC, the fast-food chain that specialized in fried chicken. We noticed that many of the local restaurants, operated by Kazi Foods, were… Read More


#MerryMe: At last

By On July 5, 2012

We did it. We got hitched. And it’s rather appropriate that my blog — which was hacked and had been down for weeks — was finally revived (with the help of Brian Dote… Read More