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Remembering a Guy Named Soyu

By On September 15, 2017

The last photo we took together, at my baby shower. I’ve saved this on my phone since then. You never know how you’re going to react when you hear the news. And… Read More


A week after ‘The Eddie,’ and we’re still enthralled

By On March 7, 2016

There aren’t many sporting events that we think about a week after it’s over. Not many people remembers the finisher of the Honolulu Marathon or can even recall who won Super Bowl… Read More


#CatTravels: Get me in the water!

By On August 20, 2012

People have asked me — even while we’ve been here — why would I fly halfway around the world to end up at a place that looks a lot like the place I just… Read More


#CatTravels: A long day in Costa Rica

By On August 17, 2012

It took us 15 hours by plane and another five by car to finally get to Malpais, the southernmost part of the Nicoya Peninsula. This little town right on the Pacific Ocean… Read More

Happy Shots

Today’s happy shot

By On January 1, 2012

Catching a wave — OK, it was more like a ripple — in Waikiki this morning. You know what that means? I’ll be surfing all year! Happy 2012!… Read More