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What Preschool is Like During a Pandemic

By On August 31, 2020

This summer Landon completed his first year of preschool—and man it was interesting. Not the first part, of course. Up until February 2020, things were fairly typical. He never cried about going… Read More


How We’re Dealing with the #QuarantineLife

By On March 26, 2020

Today is Day 2 of a statewide shutdown because of the spread of COVID-19. But really, it’s been longer than that. (And it certainly feels longer.) My workplace closed last week and… Read More


The truth about working from home

By On August 25, 2015

A lot of people assume all I do is hike, surf and eat. Because that’s what I post on my Instagram. If I posted what I really do all day, well, I’d… Read More


Yes, I do work — from home

By On February 18, 2015

It’s the most common question I get asked: “So… do you actually have a job…?” Yes, I do. I write for a living. I know that may seem like a strange career… Read More


Working from home takes work

By On April 4, 2012

When I was a reporter at the now defunct Honolulu Advertiser, I spend the last years working from home. And, let me tell you, it wasn’t as easy as it sounded. As… Read More