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Ask Dr. Dish: ‘Am I fat?’

By On September 24, 2012

This isn’t technically a real “Ask Dr. Dish” question, but it’s one I’ve heard over the years. The question is: “What do you tell someone who asks, ‘Am I getting fat?'” It’s… Read More


ASK DR. DISH is back!

By On May 8, 2012

When I first launched my blog, oh, about eight years ago, I included a weekly post titled, “Ask Dr. Dish.” I would get questions about everything, from which restaurant has the best… Read More


ASK DR. DISH: Royal advice

By On April 5, 2011

Got any marriage advice for Prince William and Kate Middleton?… Read More


ASK DR. DISH: Drinking etiquette

By On March 16, 2011

Not allowed to drink at work events. But what about networking mixers?… Read More


ASK DR. DISH: Big family, no money

By On March 1, 2011

Is it OK to plan a destination wedding to keep the guest list short?… Read More