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Some things (should) never change

By On January 15, 2016

Last night a group of us met up for drinks at AMUSE Wine Bar in the Honolulu Design Center. It had been a long day, and a glass of rosé sounded incredibly… Read More


The one thing I’m thankful for this #Thanksgiving

By On November 27, 2014

Being thankful is like appreciating the weather. When it’s nice out, you don’t notice the sunshine or tradewinds. You just go about your day and not even think about it. You only… Read More


Dish 5: Honolulu lunch spots for gabfests

By On January 22, 2013

People are always asking me for suggestions. They want to know the best restaurants for first dates or which coffee shops have great brews and free WiFi. So I thought I’d post… Read More


Yes, people might hate you

By On October 25, 2012

It’s a hard pill to swallow. This idea that there are people out there who don’t like us. But there are. And a lot of times, we have no idea why. I… Read More


Thoughts on friends

By On October 24, 2012

Maybe it’s because a couple of friends have passed recently, but I’ve been thinking a lot about friendship lately. I started to look around and take inventory of who’s in my life… Read More