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Learning from the ‘Wild’ Cheryl Strayed

By On January 28, 2016

There’s nothing I enjoy more than writing. But a close second is learning how to write better — and by a well-respected, New York Times bestselling author. It’s a writer-nerd dream! I was… Read More


#CatTravels: Poi Day at Waipa, Kauai

By On October 25, 2013

I thought I was going to get lost, at least after reading the directions I got. “Waipa is about 1/2 mile past Hanalei town (after Wai`oli bridge…a one lane concrete bridge) on… Read More


#CatTravels: Hanalei and the Kalalau Trail

By On January 30, 2013

My mom wasn’t thrilled with the idea of me hiking the Kalalau Trail on Kauai, notorious for being one of the most treacherous, dangerous hikes in the state. And it didn’t help… Read More


#CatTravels: Blue skies over Kauai

By On January 29, 2013

I had my reservations about traveling to Kauai to hike the Napali Coast. There was already high-surf advisories posted for north-facing shores. And then there was that little storm that blew through… Read More


Day 2: Different sides of Kauai

By On July 30, 2011

We didn’t have much time. Only on Kauai for two days — and working most of our waking hours — we wanted to see and do and eat as much as we… Read More