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Weekend Dish: Shoyu chicken in a slow cooker

By On May 28, 2012

OK, this isn’t the best photo of my shoyu chicken. But it’s all I had — and it’s gotta do for now. I promised some of my Instagram friends — follow me… Read More


Get Out: Heeia Kea Pier General Store & Deli

By On May 25, 2012

According to the weather segment on today’s morning show, it’s going to be a ridiculously beautiful Memorial Day weekend. So don’t plan to stay home! My suggestion: drive over the Pali and… Read More


Tossing (out) the bridal bouquet

By On May 23, 2012

A friend of mine who got married a few years ago ran down the list of must-dos for my upcoming nuptials. And many of those included wedding traditions I wasn’t planning on… Read More


#FindingFukuoka: Making the last day count

By On April 19, 2012

On my third and final full day in Fukuoka, I just wanted to wander around the area. There are so many things to do in this place, I’m sure it would amaze… Read More


Cat Chat: Via Gelato is here!

By On April 16, 2012

Gelato. Say it and I’ll come running. So when I found out Melissa Bow, a Punahou alum and former physical therapist who recently moved back home, was making handcrafted gelato using local… Read More