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Growing up: what’s the hurry?

By On August 5, 2013

I can’t remember a time when I actually wanted to be a grown-up. Not even now. I never wanted to wear makeup — still don’t — and I never tried on my… Read More


Can America forgive Paula Deen?

By On July 2, 2013

I’ll be honest, I was trying to avoid this topic. But it seems like Paula Deen, the Food Network’s Southern sweetheart-turned-headache after admitting she has used racial slurs, can’t stay out of… Read More


Hey, ‘TODAY’ producers! Don’t miss this!

By On May 17, 2013

Well, word’s out. Matt Lauer, Savannah Guthrie and the rest of NBC’s “TODAY” crew will be in town next week, as part of the morning show’s “Great American Adventure.” In fact, show… Read More


#CatTravels: Eating my way through NYC

By On April 19, 2013

Ever since I told people I was heading to New York City, I got inundated with restaurant, bakery and deli suggestions. And while it was a bit overwhelming — I can’t possibly eat… Read More


Couples can’t share everything — can they?

By On January 30, 2012

Secrets. We all have them. But when do you have to share them with your partner — and when can you keep them to yourself? It’s a tough question. People keep secrets for… Read More