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Yes, I actually do juice

By On August 7, 2013

The question I get asked all the time is this: “Do you really eat all that food?” Yes, I do. I may not eat all of it, but I do sample most… Read More


Trust me, you don’t want to know

By On March 20, 2013

Despite how many photos I post on Facebook or how many times I may like the status updates of my friends, I actually don’t spend a lot of time on the social… Read More


Relationship status: ‘It’s complicated’

By On October 10, 2011

The first thing on my girlfriend’s list of things to do once she got married? Change her Facebook status. And I don’t mean after her honeymoon. She updated her status as soon… Read More


Fired for Facebook?

By On July 27, 2011

Back in 2009, a 16-year-old in England posted on her Facebook wall that her first day at work was “omg so dull.” She continued to lambast her job until her boss called… Read More


Going in Google+ circles

By On July 13, 2011

Are you in the Circle? Apparently, I am. But I’m not in the loop. Circles are the latest social media hub — the place where you want to be. It’s replacing followers on… Read More