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#MerryMe: At last

By On July 5, 2012

We did it. We got hitched. And it’s rather appropriate that my blog — which was hacked and had been down for weeks — was finally revived (with the help of Brian Dote… Read More


I kinda like my last name, thanks

By On March 13, 2012

I never put much thought into changing my name after marriage. In fact, it never really occurred to me that it would be an option. I always thought I’d keep my last… Read More


Wedding etiquette: you tell me

By On February 23, 2012

It’s funny how weddings can connect people. Now that I’m getting married, I can’t tell you how much advice I’ve been getting from brides, newlyweds and women who have been married longer… Read More


Couples can’t share everything — can they?

By On January 30, 2012

Secrets. We all have them. But when do you have to share them with your partner — and when can you keep them to yourself? It’s a tough question. People keep secrets for… Read More


Do you believe in 11/11/11?

By On November 11, 2011

I dropped into Cake Works yesterday to pick up some cupcakes, and I ran into the owner Abigail Langlas. She said business was good. And Friday — today — was particularly busy.… Read More